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TinkerWorkshop is a young, creative and fast-paced company with a solid history of designing and developing web applications, rich with content and media as well as post-production.

Our specialization is creating impressive work that stands above client's competition, while being on time and always on reasonable budget.

Essentially, TinkerWorkshop is a great company to work with: professional, creative, hardworking, fully committed and an enthusiastic partner.

TinkerWorkshop Projects range from design and development of rich-media and high-content driven web applications and portals to planning technical projects and advisement of the most efficient path to take to satisfy client and impress users.

While TinkerWorkshop has a record of working with and as a part of different design and development teams, we do not discriminate between clients' size. For TinkerWorkshop it is the ultimate pleasure to treat even a small company like the top-of-the-market client and develop projects of outstanding quality, using the latest and best technology and tools available.

Among our Tinkering specializations are such skills as: understanding and good application of different design standards, as well as ability to work with other members of the team, such as designers, developers and clients; ability to understand and separate client "needs" from "wants"... but what would be a good project without a tasty treat? So TinkerWorkshop also specializes at putting together "needs" and "wants" in a creative and innovative mix, full of tasty goodness; down-to-the-core knowledge of HTML/XHTML and CSS 2.0 technologies, as well as browser compatibility and performance optimization; practical experience with the dynamic AJAX application as well as clean development using Apache setting optimization; knowledge of application of web media onto handheld devices and projectors; development of custom CMS tools, completely based on client's requests and desires; creating rich media applications to display video and play audio content to the user, as well as allowing for extensive interaction with the media by means of non-standard input tools, such as touch screens and microphones; knowledge of PCI and ADA compliance rules and requirements; solid experience with online payment systems, such as PayPal, ClickandBuy, Authorize.aim, their secure application, development and maintenance; vast practical knowledge of search engines and optimization (SEO) for such market giants as Google, Yahoo and MSN; knowledge of off-the-shelf tools and systems like Wordpress, Drupal, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Dojo, MooTools, jQuery frameworks and APIs, and many others; constant tinkering and research of new technologies to stay up-to-date and further explore the "dark art" of producing truly outstanding and uncommon work.

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